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Crystal Tech

Here at Crystal Tech we have dedicated ourselves to making sure we strive for the latest and greatest technology. We have top notch technology that is beautifully designed to withstand anything. Its power and design comes from nothing but the best and high quality parts and components that take our future to the next level. 

Crystal Tech was founded after our first natural disaster. We then gathered what we had left to build a center that could help us prevent future damage. The building and its purposes since has done us a great deal of good when preparing and dealing with like disasters. 

Crystal Tech hopes to gain a group of people dedicated to taking Crystal Tech to the beyond with new ideas and equipment to further protect the planet and its people. We want to work together in unison to make Allure a safer planet while advancing our technology ideas. 

We hope to use the full set of resources that our planet has to offer and its abilities to take care of itself. 

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Tech Garden

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The Tech Garden is our prized possession. It is what we are all here for. The Tech Garden holds all of our components we need to further our technology. We are currently expanding on the physical attributes of our technology focuses. Currently we are in the top 5 for high profile technology. We hope to share our findings with our peers once we have a closer handle on our completion dates. 

In the Tech Garden we have hundreds of components, large and small, that go within our various equipment for full functionality. Each equipment piece is designed very carefully and very uniquely. Most designs are built from scratch here at Crystal Tech and the engineers ideals have originated here on planet allure. 

Our engineers and Tech experts are from all over, so we hope to gain more individuals to grow our current knowledge base. So that we may build stronger, better, faster technology. 

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Crystal Farm

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Our Crystal Farm is still a large amount of unexplored territory. We have mined our various crystals for so long. They have different level of uses. We only currently use one type of crystal within our technology focus. We are hoping to hire a crystal user or magic user who can expand our research on these types of studies. 

We already have a good database of the natural stones we have, however, unfortunately, we no longer have the experts or knowledgeable individuals to help with the mining or moving forward with anything relating to them. Utilizing what we have in the moment is crucial to the planet’s survival. 

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