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Health. Mental & Otherwise.

Health Coach. 

Accountability Coach.

Nutrition Counselor.

Food Psychology.

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Taste the Transformation.

Experience the transformation and energize your life!

Health: wringsbyti: Welcome

A Day in the Life


A list of challenges to level up your physical and mental health. With plans to keep you accountable and focused.

Learn what works for your body and use documentation methods to start executing a successful plan for your nutrition needs.

30-Day -

Personal Growth

During this challenge, focus on productivity, leadership, relationship and happiness exercises to level up.

Plan a Business Idea

During this challenge, plan, edit and execute your business ideas by doing the necessary research and footwork to get it done.

10-day Sugar Detox

During this challenge, follow the rules to cleanse the body and lose pounds.

30-Day Weight-loss Mini

During this challenge, create and follow the 'No' rules that you create from the list of options provided to you.

Journaling [Creative & Therapeutic]

There are typically 365 days a year. Use them creatively or therapeutically. Use a journal through various different exercises.

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Journal Therapy

Experience my various journaling options.

Journal Therapy is a writing therapy that focuses on internal experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

 There are different ways to journal. Journaling is a proven method for creating mental clarity. Like it's content made inside, each journal is also special outside.

Join me in writing things down and creating a new experience. Sometimes, that's all it takes.

Grab your favorite journal and download the pages below! Or purchase your custom designed activity journal.

Even if you are already doing it, there are ways to organize, plan and take your work to the next level.

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Hair Health

Internal and external.

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Products by Ti

Health Coach T

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Crystals & Essential Oils.

Select your KrystalS recipe now! Each is designed by mixing together various essential oils and semi-precious crystal chips to get their internal and external benefits.

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Herbs 'n Spices

Herbal Literature.

Download a digital detailed guide on the benefits and uses for herbs and spices; learn about their contribution to your overall health and wellness and their healing properties. Learn which herbs and spices to use, and when to use them.

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