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Crystal Tech

Transmedia Storytelling.

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Crystal Tech Bible: Welcome

Crystal Tech Bible

November, 2020

Crystal Tech Created by Tiena Prater


Oralee and KeeGan are both students in the Digital Writers Camp at Crystal Tech. During a break, Oralee hears KeeGan’s computer explode but when she sits down and looks at the computer, it goes back to normal?

Oralee follows KeeGan to see if he makes anything else explode and to learn his secrets. What else can he make explode? Oralee consults a friend, to understand more about him.

Crystal Tech is about two individuals who are on opposing teams at Digital Writers Camp. During a break, Oralee hears KeeGan’s computer explode but when she sits down and looks at his computer, it looks completely normal.

Oralee follows KeeGan to see if he makes anything else explode and to learn his secrets and history. Along the way she learns what Digital Writer’s Camp is actually initiated for. Oralee and KeeGan run into a visitor, Cascadia who has a completely different view of the situation than they do. They accompany Cascadia in her journey to learn more about their world and her decision on its fate.

Background Story:

The planet Allure was always known for its wide variety of crystals and technology. It was back then that the elders and leadership of the planet decided that they would seek to advance their technology by expanding on what they had and learning new practices and techniques. The past planet Allure battled for technology knowledge to increase their machines and they were granted the knowledge. That is how the planet came to be known for its technology. However, the planet sought to increase their tech knowledge in their world. In their journey for tech knowledge, they brought back an abundance of theories for their tech research, which proved to be fruitful for them. Their technology theories were turned into great machines that they could use modern day.

Shortly after the return of their peers and their technology advances, natural disasters started to strike one after another. It was discovered that these disasters would always occur after or during a retrograde.

The last retrograde that effected planet Allure caused destruction that took out a large portion of the world’s buildings, population and resources. The next disaster always struck before they were able to find a solution to their problem.

After the first couple of disasters, the elders and leadership decided to preserve their resources and store them away in a safe place for later distribution and use.

Shortly after the preservation of resources, they found a way to predict the disasters. Then, planet Allure was attacked by a series of disasters that took out majority of their technology and everything else with it. In order to protect what was left they moved their most advanced tech underground and started to advance it and build from there.

Crystals were taken out by one of the disasters that struck the planet, shortly after the elders had a large portion of the crystals destroyed, due to their interference with the machines they were building.

Cascadia – Main Character:

A highly spiritual, direct character who has always had good luck making friends with everyone. She sees the best in everyone and teaches them through her own experiences. She speaks positivity into existence and sometimes negative vibes lurk around her.

She is loyal, independent, secretive, self-disciplined and intimidating. She is light brown with turquoise-colored eyes. Her hair is long and wavy with curly ends. She wears a long gold chain with a crystal attached to it around her neck, given to her by her mother before she passed.

While her powers and skills are ideal for planet Allure, her communication is lacking upon reaching this new planet and not what they had in mind when it comes to translating or explaining information. They try to work around the language barrier as she assists in helping them get done what needs work.

Her nickname is Cadi and she was born under the Scorpio sign. She is a powerful water user and has trained in a variety of different water atmospheres. She was requested during the last communication outside of planet Allure, because of her particular ability to control water and use crystals.

Predicted by leadership, there would be a fire disaster heading their way. She was chosen because of her advanced skill with crystals and her water nature. Despite their ban on magic, they requested Cascadia in hopes that she would be able to help.

Later, when she reaches the planet, she discovers that she did not bring enough crystals to completely help with their dilemma. They try to talk her into utilizing the crystals themselves but warn her of their possible destruction if used to the full potential.

The crystals are her only way home and she will be unable to utilize them if they are destroyed defending and protecting their planet. Not to mention, the defense may be an unsuccessful one. She urges elders and leaders that they should increase their technology power so that it would not rely so heavily on her crystals to function.

KeeGan – Supporting Character:

Kee-Gan is a supporting main character and top performer at Digital Writers Camp. He is their tech genius and set to graduate soon.

Oralee – Supporting Character:

Oralee is a supporting character who was from another world. She was chosen to be a part of the Digital Writers Camp to test her tech knowledge and what she had to offer to planet Allure. Seeing KeeGan’s skills intrigues her and so she watches him work and tries to learn off of him.

Niis – Supporting Character:

Niis is a village elder who has a crystal farm a distance away from the Digital Writer’s Camp. Keegan, Oralee and Cascadia encounter her on their quest and learn a great deal of information about the planet’s past and the plans for the future.

Digital Writer’s Camp –

Digital Writer’s Camp is a cover up to find the most technology advanced individuals and filter them out from the group to use them to their advantage. Once the final test has been passed, they are brought onto the team that creates planet Allure’s defensive technology that helps protect what is left of the planet from the natural disasters.

During Digital Writers Camp, the students present their technology skills including writing scripts and developing tech projects.

Some of Digital Writers Camp’s members are from other planets and are chosen based on their skillsets and knowledge qualities.

Top performers get to showcase their skills for the elders and leaders to approve.

Additional World Information –

The time is set in 3030, Planet Allure, the technology advanced planet. They sought to obtain the highest technology standards by journeying around the universe to learn various forms. Technology concentration depends on location on the planet, with some areas having a higher concentration than others.

Nights are typically longer than days and the seasons are extreme with regard to weather related conditions.

Planet Allure is heavy on technology with computer and robotic machines on their planet.

No magic is to be used on their planet unless instructed by leadership for fear or counteracting their machines.

KeeGan’s home planet just experienced their most recent natural disaster caused by the retrograde.

Oralee was a friend obtained from the newcomers ushered in to help restore/revitalize their planet.

KeeGan’s residing planet, Allure, experiences natural disaster after another. The next disaster typically fiercer than the last. His home planet has an underground safe camp dedicated to communicating with other planets. Their resources are limited, and they use their limited power supply to obtain assistance. Sometimes they are granted help, other times they are not.

There are timeframes for which their technology needs to recharge in order to make the next successful communication.

KeeGan is the supporting character and the main character is Cascadia.

KeeGan’s planet just had a fiery natural disaster. The world leaders bring in help from their allied planets to restore population and to help rebuild.

During the disaster, technology was developed underground to overcompensate for the events and destruction that was going to happen.

They used this advanced communication to call for help.

Communication during retrograde is typically less than optimal, so they had to test the boundaries of the communication lines under harsh conditions.

They designed and built a machine to overpower and reach outside their planet during the communication disturbances.

The world leaders discuss options before bringing in supporting staff from their allied planets to restore the population and help them rebuild.

After so much time and resources provided; some planets refuse to assist and chose to focus on their own planets growth and healing after rendering so many resources and a percentage of their population to help them. They call the planet Allure, selfish.

Each disaster is/was a breakthrough for tech advance for the planet Allure. They had the time to develop this technology underground during the disasters and the aftereffects of waiting for clearance.

Previous allies brought in, harness the power of the disasters to build their technology to do what they can when it is safe to rise above ground.

This is their only course of action to try and account for and even overcompensate for the events and destruction that was predicted to happen.

With their recently developed technology they are able to predict the volume and damage the next disaster will cause. The technology gives them an idea of who they need to contact for help.

Another planet suggests evacuation and refuge on their planets until they can rebuild, but the leaders decline their help. They want to preserve what they have and plan for what’s left.

This advanced communication doesn’t last long because of the power it requires to operate.

From the last transfer of population from an allied planet, they obtained information that suggested them to seek out a crystal user from the available planets. So, when they gathered enough power, they used their technology to contact one of their allies skilled in crystals. From this contact they obtained a handful of crystal users and one advanced skilled user, Cascadia.

Crystal Tech War:

Upon learning that the crystal that Cascadia wore around her neck was the crystal the planet Allure needed to save their planet, they took her hostage until she agreed to surrender the crystal.

They used their next technology boost to contact her home planet to ask them to talk her, the planet decline and ordered the immediate surrender and return of Cascadia.

When Allure explain the situation to Cascadia’s home planet, they asked her to surrender the crystals.

Cascadia once again declined. The crystal belongs to her mother and she did not want to lose the only piece of her she had left.

The elders try to reason with her and explain to her this is what she was chosen for this mission.

Cascadia rebels and explain to them the real reason she was chosen for the mission and explains it has nothing to do with her mother’s crystal. Nor would she have agreed to use is ha she known prior.

Her elders hear her out and again ask for the return of Cascadia in order to prevent a war.

Allure’s elders instigate welcome their arrival before communication is dropped.

Allure’s elders start to become suspicious and question the production of the crystal and Cascadia declines to answer their questions.

They start to get aggressive with Cascadia and she attacks back, destroying their machines and breaking lose. Cascadia runs as far as she can to hide from those who held her captive.

Cascadia runs into KeeGan and Oralee before the announcement is made that they have an intruder on the loose.

Cascadia explains and teaches them about the planets and their retrograde as she buys herself time.

KeeGan and Oralee teach Cascadia of their world and what its digital society has to offer.

Through Keegan and Oralee, Cascadia learns the world and what she needs to do to save it. She studies its histories as she learns what resources they have left.


There is not much time before the disaster strikes and Cascadia is set on solving the problem without destroying her mother’s legacy.

“No offense, but I just met this world, and I don’t intend on losing my mother to it,” said Cascadia.

“I understand,” said Oralee.

“Then why did you come?” asked Keegan. “If you knew our would was in danger and we needed a crystal to help- why wouldn’t you consider that a possibility? Aren’t multiple lives worth more than one?”

“Not to me, they aren’t.” She tucked her mother’s crystal necklace underneath her shirt and walked off in the direction of one of their volcanos.

“Technology will save us all,” said Oralee.

“Excuse me?” Cascadia stopped and looked back at them.

“It’s what the people here have hope in. It’s what they always say to give us hope. That’s why they work so hard at advancing our technology. Technology will save us all,” said Oralee.

“Yeah, Lee, but they weren’t banking on technology being reliant upon a selfish crystal user.”

“Would you sacrifice your mother’s life and yours to save people you barely know when your family is waiting on you to come home?” Cascadia looked over at KeeGan.

He paused and looked back at her. “Aren’t you a trained warrior? Didn’t you prepare for this journey to come and help us? Asking what a non-warrior would do in a warrior type situation is not at all relevant.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not a warrior. I’m a volunteer among a vast majority of other volunteers who wanted to help your planet and I’m starting to regret my decision.”


Cascadia becomes a wanted criminal for her destruction of the two machines she caused in her escape from the leaders of Allure.

‘Crime on machines’ signs are posted all over the terrain as she explores. “What about crime on beings? Doesn’t that matter?” she mumbles to herself. 


Multiple moons:

Each time there is a natural disaster that occurs on planet Allure, there is another moon that appears in their sky.


“Why does this planet have multiple moons?” asked Cascadia.

“We started out with one moon, once upon a time. Then, an elder noticed that every time a disaster stuck, there was another moon that appeared in the sky. No one has been able to figure out why.”

“So, there have been 5 natural disasters?” asked Cascadia. “No, we started out with one moon. There have been 4.”

Natural Disaster History:

During the previous natural disasters, planet Allure has had various aftereffects, including: an additional ‘moon’ gained after each disaster, heavier gravity, large abysses covering the planet, water sources changes into lava, denser air quality.


A period of time where the technology is down on the entire planet and unable to be used. During this time everything is recharging.

Cove Eruption:

The period of time when the volcano on Crystal Cove is actively erupting. The Elders have documented and predicted majority of the explosions.

Secret Level:

During the visit to Crystal Cove, they discover the planet has a hidden passage that goes unspoken of. This level holds the secrets to the planet’s history and future.


During the journey Cascadia finds a small crystal farm and learns of planet Allure’s crystals and types. She learns of their powers and what they can do for the planet.

She also finds out the history of the planet and what caused the disasters and their link to the retrogrades.

The crystal farmer points Cascadia into the direction of the area where space rocks crashed from one of the natural disasters. She goes to inspect the area and the quality/effect of the material.

Cascadia also learns the dark secrets of this planet from the farming elder. When technology increases, the population decreases.

“All of the disappearances are assumed to be related to the disasters... however the technology alone is also killing our people and they don’t talk about that. They do not warn our people about that because they are so sure it will save us all. Technology will save us all... what a load of crap they feed the new generation.”

Cascadia also discovered that the crystals that were destroyed prior to her arrival, were resources that could have been used to help save planet Allure.

Location Descriptions:

There are various levels to this world as outlined. Each level has different characteristics.

Frontline – (Mainland):

This is where the citizens live, and the planet operations take place. A large percentage of this is in ruins.

Crystal Farm – (Hidden Backland):

Above Digital Writer’s Camp on ground level in areas where the soil is still fertile for crystal farming

Digital Writers Camp – (Middle Grounds):

Digital Writer’s Camp is below Mainland and where the Tech writers go to display their skills for placement in the top performers. Resemblance to a computer, media room.

Crystal Cove – (Higher Volume of Mainland):

An active volcano where the remainder of the planet’s crystals remain.

Tech Level – (Bottom Level)

Surrounded by nothing but technology and computers. No sign of nature. This is where the elders and leadership communicate with other planets for assistance. Very secured level with access only passage.


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