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Updated: Jul 3

She stared at the beautiful hues as she dusted her hands off on her pants and proceeded to stretch out her body. Every pop of her joints was music to her ears as a calmness washed over her. The gentle breeze of the wind tickled her skin as it blew her hair across her face. She brought her hands up and pulled her hair securely out of her face. She once again looked up at the sky to admire the soft glow of the stars.

Star bowed her head and clasped her hands together, closing her eyes. “Star light. Star bright. First star I see tonight...”

“...will be my wife,” said Cas.

Star opened her eyes and looked over at Cas.

“You don’t wish on stars. You are one.”

Star sat next to him, knees up. She rested her hands in her lap.

“I feel like I have a magnet inside of me. With your name on it. It’s always pulling me back to you. No matter how much time passes. No matter how much distance gets between us. I blink, and there you are.”

Star reached over and pinched him.

Cas looked up at her.

“Guess I’m real,” she leaned in and took his warm, moist lips with hers.

He reciprocated, biting her bottom lip as he finished.

After a moment of silence, they pulled away from one another.

Cas pulled out an oval shaped moon stone necklace out of his pocket. “Adam, said he made this for you before he met your grandmother. He said he has no idea when rings became a thing but where he comes from- you bestow your other half with a power source that they can always keep with them in case of an emergency. So, for centuries, I’ve channeled my power inside this stone.”

Star smiled at him and bowed her head.

“I dub thee- my wife. My eternal partner in crime. I’ve been waiting, patiently. Waiting for this moment to arrive,” he kissed her forehead.

Star lifted her head and took the stone between her index finger and thumb, “So how long have you known Granddad?”

He laughed and flicked the stone out of her fingers grasp. He watched as the stone bounced and wobbled until it laid calmly around her neck.

“What goes up?”

“Must calm down,”


The moon stone floated, level with her heart, it began to glow. It shifted shapes in a slow motion as a crystal-clear pyramid formed around the moon stone. In the center of the pyramid you could still see the moon stone. The tip of the pyramid pointed to Cas.

Star stared in awe.

Cas took two steps to the right. The moon stone followed. He took two steps to the left. The moon stone followed. He looked up at her.

“I will always find you,” she said.

“I know, that will make it easier.”

“Maybe I like a challenge.”

“Maybe you’re impatient,” he said.

“You’re worth the wait,” she got up and kissed him again. The stone stopped glowing. The pyramid around the stone shifted and returned to its previous state, within the moon stone. It rested calmly against Star’s chest.

“What do you say?” he asked.

“I do.”

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