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Into The Writer’s Mind

Me, Myself, I, and my mind.

Honest, Loyal, Creative, Ambitious.

Dear I,

Dreams are inevitable.

Travel the world.

No matter how long it'll take.

Fear no one but God.

Fear not change.

Be fun, direct, and optimistic.

Believe, anything is possible.

Love food.

Say grace.

Continue to write.

Continue to live.

Continue to learn.

Love the good parts of life.


Your soul purpose in life is to write.

Reflect on that.





She wished to live in heaven.

She dreamed of almost everything!

She wanted peace in the world

and wondered why we constantly fought.

She feared nothing, not even God.

She was not afraid of death.

She loved to shop because we cannot take it to our graves.

She believed all things were possible.

She loved God.

She loved Jesus.

She loved everyone.

She created and shared testimony.

She continuously planned for the future.

Through planning she publicly lived a good life, to the best of her ability.

She finally made her destination to heaven, just as planned.

So I am not afraid of change.

I am not afraid of greatness.

I am not afraid of the future.

I am not afraid.

I am not afraid of separation.

I am not afraid to endure.

I am not afraid of loss.

Still not afraid.

For success will come.

For greatness will follow.

For the future will be great.

Believe it.

I have the power,

To become whatever I want.

I know my loved ones believe in me.

I believe in myself.

I used to be afraid of falling and getting hurt.

I used to be afraid to express myself.

No longer.

I used to wish time would just slow down to a stop.


Fear is false evidence appearing to be real.

Aging is inevitable, that’s what I finally realized.

Now I'm afraid of random controllable things and most importantly,

God knows I'm afraid of death,

and not knowing how my life will end.

Because time is precious and our clocks are unpredictable.

I’m constantly reminded of her skillful hands.

Years of experience.

They used to do many things I took for granted.

Cooking, cleaning, preparing, caring, nurturing.

Her brown, wrinkled, aged hands.

Those hands were sometimes tough, sometimes soft.

Those hands, finally, were put to rest.

Resting hands never able to make another move.


The world that shows how hard life can be.

How hard it is to discover yourself.

How hard it is to discover life.

How hard to is for the mind to accept the impossible.

You’ll never know the power of discovery unless you take the first step.

Angels exist.

Thank you, to my Guardian Angel.

As hardheaded an ambitious as I can be, you still show up every time, on time.

Welcome, to a world unknown. My world.

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