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My Full Sail Story

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Before I started Full Sail I wrote short stories, novels and scripts. I had always thought I wanted to be an author. But then, there were different opportunities that began to present themselves. Because of that I started to see myself as more than just a writer. Because of that I saw myself as more than just a director. Because of that, I wanted to create more than just media. Until finally I started planning out my career and goals as a creator. And ever since I decided to pursue my passion for media I realized there is much more to being a creator that most writers don't get credit for. I enjoy delivering the gut quenching laughter of a good comedic scene. It lets you know the writer has done their job by allowing the reader to get lost in the story events. Especially when the reader re-reads it only to laugh even harder than before. Media that you cannot get through, raises the question of, “What was it lacking?” Was it the story, the plot, …the characters, perhaps? The correct answer is, “All of the above.” Without substance to the story, you can’t deliver a good punch with the plot or the characters. They all have to work together in unison to build what you are trying to create.

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