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Journaling Therapy by Ti

Pick your journey.

Journal Therapy is a writing therapy that focuses on internal experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

Most of us are already doing it. Options such as creating artwork, lyrics, poems, stories, media, diary entries, online blogs, social media posts and beyond. There are different ways to journal. Journaling is a proven method for creating mental clarity. Like it's content made inside, each journal is also special outside.

Join me in writing things down and creating a new experience. Sometimes, that's all it takes.


A 12-month Activity Journal

This 12-month journal has detailed activities to spark the fire of creativity and productivity. This journal will help you get accountable and stay consistent as you work towards project goals.


The Dream Journal

Document your dreams and understand the psychology of their meaning. Turn your dreams into a fantasyland... or just research to understand their meaning to learn more about self.

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